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Sincerity Colors

Rp 105,000.00

Sincerity is a wish to remind us to always be honest, do the best, support and make a way for ourselves and others to be our best. 

The aim of this hijab and scarf accessories was not only to make it looks prettier, but also to be a reminder to each of our movement, whenever it touches our skin, of the wish that we keep in our heart. 

This accessories can be attached to your Minimons scarfs or be attached to the chain and wear it as a necklace.

Collaboration Project of VILIA x MINIMONS 

Set of : 4 dangling accessories + 1 necklace chain.

(Optional: Could be purchased together with MINIMONS Kilimanjaro Scarfs with special price. Contact us for the prices.)

Materials: Middle East Crystals, Japanese Beads, Balinese Beads, Acrylic beads, Metal alloy.

2 years warranty and free lifetime service warranty (terms & conditions applied) 

Packaging: Bubble wrap, pouch, and box.