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3 Styles Picara Necklace

Rp 295,000.00

For the love of travelling and jewelries, I just have to make this kind of necklace at some point. A necklace that could be worn into several different styles, easily and in few simple steps only.

It could be worn as 3 different styles that included 2 styles of two layers necklace, and 1 long loose necklace as shown on the pictures. A very fun piece, indeed, Picara is.

The kind of necklace that easily packed, easily matched with almost any kind of clothes and to attent any kind of events.

The snaps and the length of the necklace can be adjusted as how you like it. Here on the pictures, we show three ways of using the necklace and incorporate it into your fashionable look. We love how the colors compliment each other, how it represents the spring time colors, and how flexible the design is. 

What we love the most of these series of collection is, how versatile they are to be paired with many different style. We also play a bit with the materials, since some of our clients said it was heavy to wear our necklace that consist of stones all the way. These series used lighter materials which much more comfortable to be worn and very travel friendly. 

Semi precious stones, Japanese beads, Balinese beads, etc. 

This necklace is available limited numbers, with various colors and design.
Packaging: hard box, wraps. 

*Terms & Conditions applied.