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7 Styles Vidori Necklace

Rp 485,000.00

Vidori is actually the set that I wanna make, right after I completed this collection, that's why Vidori has a slightly different vibes from the rest.

I wanted something more versatile, loose, and feminine  for a week. Means, 7 day 7 different style. And that's how I came up with Vidori.

On the next photos, you will see the different styles that Vidori has.

Vidori is definitely something that I would suggest to all jewelry lovers and pro travellers. It will not only complete your look, and make your insta feed looks nice, it will also make your life much easier.

What we love the most of these series of collection is, how versatile they are to be paired with many different style. We also play a bit with the materials, since some of our clients said it was heavy to wear our necklace that consist of stones all the way. These series used lighter materials which much more comfortable to be worn and very travel friendly. 

Japanese Pearls, Balinese Handcrafted Beads, Japanese Beads, Metal Alloy. 

This piece is available 10pcs worldwide.
Two years warranty and free lifetime service warranty.*
Package: Hard box & Wraps.

*Terms & Conditions Applied.