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Where To Find Inspiration? (Part 2)

Another way to find inspiration is through..

2. Pictures

I found this extremely helpful to help me evoke the emotions. There are two ways that I usually do to take inspirations from pictures, that you might wanna try.

A. The first one is by looking at many pictures or paintings and choose which ones you like and dislike.

Then train yourself to feel the emotion behind them and to identify the key factors that made each of them interesting. Maybe the pattern? Maybe the colors? The composition? The lighting? Or just the feeling of it?

Gather as many information as you could from each piece, as it does make a difference to how you see it, later.

I put two examples of my black and white photos here. I always start with black and white as it is the easiest and clearest picture to start identifying emotion with. No distractions from colors. Here is the first one.


What do you feel about that picture? Take some time to really think before you continue to read.

What do you feel if I tell you, I took that picture in a warzone?

And what do you feel if I tell you, I took that picture in Paris, the famous beautiful city?

Take a note on those answers and identify more later.

The second picture is this one.


I know.  Many people find it hard to find the beauty and emotions that being represented in blurry images. The same goes with abstract painting. But frankly, those two are the best tool to train yourself on finding inspiration.

Just take a note again on how you feel about it, and explore more.

B. The second one is by training yourself to take pictures of everything you find as interesting.

It doesn't have to be a good picture or a pro one, doesn't need pricey camera as well. Just take anything with what you have.

The purpose is to lock the memory and the feeling that you saw when you took it. It works quite similarly with writing. By doing so, you train your mind and memory to remember and to be evoked just anytime you need it.

It is also a good way to train yourself about proportion, balance, concept, point of views, lighting, and many more.

You will need it soon or later on your creative activities and your life, no matter what field you are in. Even Apple's sophisticated designs could only be done with Steve Jobs' creative approaches. You get the idea :).

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