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My Ikigai

I always love to see different sides of people and things. To see everything from a different point of views and angles. To always see differences as something that is empowering, and somehow I always succeed on doing so.

Not only that I marry someone who is completely different than me, and celebrated my marriage on a different way than most people around me would, I love, see and walk my life differently than the most, and I make friends with distinct people who let me see their unique sides.

I might safely say that my ikigai has always been about allowing people to see things differently, to feel fine about themselves the way they are, and to make them realize of how beautiful their uniqueness are.

To celebrate and embrace their unique soul and their lives.

I guess my ikigai could also be seen strongly on my works. Most people said my designs are different and stand out. Some called it as soulful, creative and distinct.

All I could think of, maybe it was because I see and design them from a different point of view. I put my feelings, thoughts, and wishful thinking about how one will wear each of my designs, on each piece of mine.

I want the person who wear my design to always being reminded of how unique and distinct they are. Sometimes when they asked me to create custom pieces, I challenged them with designs that they might never wear before.

Some of them felt hesitate at the beginning, but at the end of the day, they were surprised of how they felt and of people's reactions, when they wore them.

It wasn't unusual as well for my clients, to find me telling them not to purchase the piece that they have been eye-ing, because I know the other one will suit them better, even if the price was much cheaper than the one they were eye-ing at first. 

As much as we tried to surpress it, we women, are emotional creature. What we feel, empowered what we think and behave. We do much better when we feel at our best, and that's why by changing what we feel, we change the way we see ourselves and change our behaviour towards life.

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, to have a life and work that fulfilling my ikigai most of the time. 💛

To think of it, no wonder most of my clients become my good friends, cause people who attracted to my designs and could appreciate them, must be seeing things differently as well 🙊💛 

I just love you all! 🤗💛
Thank you for being with me all these times! 

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