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How To Be Inspired?

I think that is the second most asked questions to me, right after people know what I do for a living.

It comes in many ways and types of questions, but the basic point is the same; "How do you get your inspiration?" or "How to be inspired?" 

I personally think, I'm more to curious than to be inspired, but well I tried to note things down of what I do when I feel the needs to be inspired or when I am one, and here they are..

Might seems odd, but it works for me. By sharing, I stimulate my mind to construct something to share, and along the constructing process, I'm being reminded of many things and get new ideas.

Some people are so hesitant to share about things they know, especially about their works. I get it, some critical information might be wiser to be kept, but most of the rest are actually have no benefit to be kept alone. Afterall, what brings you to this level, won't be used to get to the next level. Might as well share it and open the opportunity doors for the others.

Many times, I get lots of useful feedbacks and insightful knowledge or inspiration by sharing even the smallest or (things that I take as) less important things. Not to mention I get lots of new friends as well.

I embrace it deep into the bones of mine. I love to explore everything, from what I feel to the sunset that I see. From the flowers on the side road, to the wind that breeze around. Of the universe and to differences around me. 

Everything that is different than mine, always attracts me. I don't read books to find things that support what I already know, instead I read to find different insights or contra to what I know and believe. I listen to different kind of music, learning different styles of designing, different skills and techniques to do things, learning different ways that people do in life, and many more. I also travels a lot, and learning new skills such as photography, calligraphy, crochetting, plating, etc.

Why differences? Well, not only differences, but also new things. Simply because only those two will broaden your mind. Anything you already know, agree, and even believe, will just be there and won't take you anywhere unless you grow and challenge it.

Or practice. Not only it enhanced and maintain your skills, it also brings you back to the very first reason of why you are doing what you do.

I actually learned this from an old friend at ballet class many years ago. She told me, at times when she felt stuck, she will just go back to the bar (a place to grip when you do certain pose at the studio) and start doing from the very basic warming movement. Doing plié, croisé, and many more and just letting her body feel the movement, and then it's all coming back, the enthusiasm and passion and all.

It works the same to me. I just sit and move my hands, practicing something or creating any and then it's all coming back to me.

I found this works well, when the others failed. Usually when outer stimulations didn't crack the pot, it means something inside me needs my attention.

I need to understand my feelings and what I want to express, before I create things. To be clear of what I think and what I want to put on my works, help me to not only get inspiration for my works, but also creating works that will hopefully inspire others as well.

That actually brings us to the next point.

Or enjoying what you do, to be precise. Most people get confused when they hear about how I love my work. Especially when I said, my hobby is my work, and my working time is also my meditating time. My mind goes blank and at a very stable point whenever I work, up to the point where I even forget the sense of time.

It is knows as the 'in tune/ in the flow/ in the zone' phase, where you are deeply immersed with what you do, and people who works align with the field that they love, will get this benefit somehow.

To me, timing is everything, and everything should be given time to. Sometimes we are too overwhelmed with life, daily chores, responsibilities, administrative works and all. That we left only a little bit (if not none) time dedicated to be inspired or dedicated to learn and explore.

Many people I asked, told me that they don't have time to read, no time to listen to music, no time to contemplate, etc. Well then how do you expect something to change, when you didn't change what you do?

I remember a convo with my hubbie about our reading habbit, and he once said, "Some people arguing the importance of reading books, especially on the fields that we have mastered. But let's think a bit.

People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckenberg, Ellon Musk, Oprah,.. those people who are on the top of their fields, they lead the most successful businesses around, lead the brightest people around, and implement the latest technology even before any of us know its' existence.

If we think about it, what else that they would get from reading? They don't even need to read. They are mostly the examples and refferences of the books and articles that is written these days. Yet, the fact is, almost all of them are avid and hungry readers. They don't stop to learn from anyone, and that's what make them who they are.

Besides, people who want to keep learning, are humble people. They always think that they know nothing. And that's how they know everything we don't."

And that leads us to my last point.

We can only be inspired when we let ourself admit that we need to be. That we're not so awesome and not the God of ideas. That others' work are as beautiful as (if not more than) ours. That we still need to learn about many things and many times people know better how to do something more than us.

And those are how I stay being inspired. You might have your own ways, and it is good as long as it works for you. Please do share me yours if you don't mind.

Hope this helps. 💛

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