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Another year, another birthday. 

I remember I started my jewelry journey a month before my 25th birthday. I was just learning how to make my first pair of earring, using precious stones that was given by a long time friend. I remember I felt so happy and I feel like sharing the happiness to others.

So I prepared 100 pairs of earrings, to be given freely to others, and all I need from people was, their reasons of choosing to give or to wear those pairs. 

It was a heartwarming event. I got to know many nice people who became friends up until now. I keep making them for fun, until I set up the business around a year later, and that's surely the start of VILIA :).

It has been 9 years eversince. I'm not only making earrings anymore, but also necklace, head adorns, and many more. I've learned many different methods and used many different materials, to create things that I never thought before.

It is a wonderful journey, and what's wonderful more is the fact that I still have my loyal clients (who have become family friends) who have been with me since my early establishment, with me up until now. 

I always think a business is not only a matter of money. A good business is the one that nurture the relationship between people and grows each one of them to the better. Not only the business owner and the workers, but also the clients. 

When we buy things, what we get should be more than just the product itself. We should get the warm feelings of happiness, the good experiences and memorable ones if possible, the relationship between us and the people connected on the events, and the fulfilment of our emotional needs. 

And when we work, again, it should not be only about selling the products. It should be the whole process of learning new things, developing relationship and organic interest towards people that are connected on each event, and also a chance to enhance our personalities. 

This 9th year, is actually a big year, since next year, it will be a milestone for me on this business.  A 10 years milestone of what I believe in, what I love to do, and of how far I've achieved up to this point. This year is actually the real test. 

And I couldn't be any happier, that this year is also the big year for some changes that I made to this business and to my life. 

From now on, I will share more of my personal life and thoughts here, including trips pictures and some tips. I hope when you visit my site, it would not only give you great products to be purchased, but also some insights that will inspire you as well. 

So, this year's birthday, this is my gift to myself. A digital home, after so long being a nomaden on the digital world lol. 

Thank you for reading this, for supporting me all along, and for all of the best wishes that many of you gave me. 💛

Much love,


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